SARABA – the promised land in Wolof

Refugees from nations under strong patriarchal influence are often victims of discrimination and need specific encouragement in order to open up and contribute their particular skills and knowledge to integrate into and benefit German society. Offering these support services to immigrants (men and women) who have endured violence and trauma is long overdue. Help and support is needed if they are to learn and acquire new survival skills. An innovative aspect is to avoid framing men as potential aggressors but rather as allies. Women and men from African communities and residences for refugees are offered
  • seminars featuring information and discussion
  • preventing violence against women by taking on board men as multipliers (teachers for other men)
  • bundling discussion of FGM/HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Child-raising in an intercultural context – discussion of children’s rights and child welfare
  • Familiarizing refugees with gender roles in the host culture
  • Continuing education courses for midwives, kindergarten teachers, schoolteachers and social workers
  • Psychological counseling for women men in need of it.
  • Coordinating round-tables for immigrants concerning the Istanbul Convention on violence against women.
FORWARD FOR WOMEN defends the human right to reproductive health, the right to life and safe birth. The NGO has been registered in Frankfurt am Main since 1998 and is supported by the state of Hessen’s WIR project. SARABA has been financed by the state of Hessen, the WIR project and the House of Resources.